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April 10, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Planet Cazmo 2 !!

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Hey Guys!!!

Something is happing!! :O

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Yes !! Finally we are back in business !! So take a tissue & wipe your tears away & stop crying & make a wide smile BECAUSE Planet Cazmo 2 is coming sooooon & it’s under developing !! 😀 😀


I was making a blog for my studying on my account on WordPresss & surprisly i notice a post named “Planet Cazmo 2” posted by Twinkles .. I just check it out & i found that they are working to make NEW Planet Cazmo !! 😀 😀


So i check it out & here you are what i got!! 😀

Cheif & some others are working to develop Planet Cazmo 2 .. More details follow @CazmoTweets on Twitter to get news & to know more details!

And you can sing in here:

It’s Forum that you can make Posts, Comments & there’s a Live Chat so you can suggest an idea & getting news too!

Cheif produced an trail Town Square on Roblox that we used to hang out & have fun there in the old days .. You might have look:

And there will be NEW Areas and Characters to meet too!! 😀

It will be hosted on Roblox but avatars and the graphics will be changed accordingly. To fit ‘Cazmo‘.

Here are some photos that you might be interesting to see!

Do you remember (Phrux)! 🙂


And that’s me ~Top Speed~ in the Town Square! 😀


Cazmo Lake:


Some other photos:








So what you are waiting for ..Come in & let’s bring the fun back .. Tell your friends invite your people .. An amazing days will get back soooon!! 😀 😀

~Ambassador Top speed~

Twitter: @SpeedSpeedy

pcap top speed

~Spread The World~

~ ~


November 13, 2010

New Updates!!!

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Hi Cazmos!!!

There Are New Updates Iets Start With New Hot Deals.

Also You Can Share Shakira Concert With Yor Freinds In Twitter And Facebook:

Also There Are Shakira Concert That was really Cool.

Also Bigdawg’s Quest Part2 Is Available Now!

And If You Need Part 1 Talk To The Lloyd At Lake Cazmo!!

You Are Invited!!

This Sunday At Their Cazmo House!

BeatStreet Server

Rafeal Msm At 2PM EST

Taha Yoyo (Me) At 4PM EST

Make Shure to go to My Party And Rafeal Msm!

Here A Picture For Future House For TAHA YOYO!

If You Dont No How To Go To My House Here’s How:

The New Ambassador Gift Is The Blue Fez.

Also If You Want a Backstage Ticket You Should Go To Caz-Rox-Cafe Then Go To The VIP Backstage Speak To Shakira From:

Shakira Then Choose ‘Can I Have Your Autograph?’

Note:For Members Only!!!!

BACKSTAGE Of  Shakira Concert.

Ticket Of  Shakira Concert.





New Updates!!!

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Hi Cazmos!!!

There Are New Updates Iets Start With New NBA Hot Deals.

Also You Can Share Shakira Concert With Yor Freinds In Twitter And Facebook:

Also Bigdawg’s Quest Part2 Is Available Now!

And If You Need Part 1 Talk To The Lloyd At Lake Cazmo!!

And The Winner Of Halloween Decoration Contest!!

The Winners with Highest Ranting.

1st Place


2nd Place


The Winners with Most Votes.

1st Place

Rafeal Msm!!

2nd Place

Haile Baby!!

Congratulation For All Winners!!!

And Finally, The New Ambassador Gift Is Red X Sweater.





October 24, 2010

Vote For TAHA YOYO House!!!

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Hey Cazmos!!!

Vote TAHA YOYO House, outside and Also inside, 5 stars and I end up winning this Contest I will give 150 CAZMO CASH away on this site! So go to TAHA YOYO House and Vote Five Stars For Interior and Exterior and you will have a chance to win 150 CAZMO CASH!!! Get voting now!!!




September 24, 2010

Planet Cazmo Newsletter!

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September 22, 2010

The Bargains come back!

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Hey Cazmos!!!

The bargains come back with new items and here is a photo:

~Ambassador Top Speed~

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~ ~

September 21, 2010

New Cazmo of the week!

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Hey Cazmos!!!

There is new Cazmo of the week & he’s: holler99. Congratulations!!!

~Ambassador Top Speed~

~Spread The World~

~ ~

September 18, 2010

The Golden Beauty.. And 400th Post

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Hi Everybody. RichCoolDude Here. Long time no see.. Yeah i pretty much quit cazmo. Anyways this post isn’t about cazmo.

Do you like mario? Or Racing games for the wii But either have the white wii wheel or not? Well today could be your lucky day. Ever Heard Of Club Nintendo?? Not that magazine, No, that thing on the nintendo website. If Not Heres The LinkThis Is For North American People Only If You live in the UK your lucky you are able to access it. But for us.. this may be tough luck..

If your wondering what the golden beauty is.. This is a picture:

Wii Golden Wheel
Yup.. isn’t it beautiful.. Okay heres the catch. If you want this.. You have to sign up for Club nintendo and email club nintendo at
And now write something like this

“Hi, It Seems As If When I Was Viewing The Club Nintendo Site For The UK It showed a golden wii wheel, I find this a bit unfair to the club nintendo of North America because These are exlcusive items for the 25th Anniversary Of Mario.. And We Have Nothing For That.. And I Was Wondering Not Just Me Lots of Other People Really want the gold wii wheel.. And this is a perfect opportunity for this to happen!! Please make the golden wii wheel a item in the Rewards catalog!!


You can write that or something along those lines.. Remember if you want that you HAVE To email them.. If lots of people email them.. We might be able to get it!! So hurry up guys!!
In other news, this is the 400th post.. yay.. whatever.. Lol thanks to top speed and TAHA YOYO for posting you guys post lots lol if i never added you this would be like the 150th post.
DO THAT CLUB NINTENDO THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Cadet of the week!

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Hey Cazmos!!!

There is new Cadet of the week & he’s: GEC .congratulations!!!

~Ambassador Top Speed~

~Spread The World~

~ ~

New ambassador gift!

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Hey Cazmos!!!

There is new ambassador gift it’s:

~Ambassador Top Speed~

~Spread The World~

~ ~

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